Injury Prevention

With current escalating health care costs, it is prudent to perform pre-employment screenings of job applicants to avoid potentially expensive work-related health claims in the future.  Employee education is also of great importance.  Unfortunately, most formal programs only instruct in proper use of body mechanics during lifting tasks and routine job activities.  They usually fail to instruct their clients in the performance of an adequate stretching and strengthening program that would facilitate the ability to attain the proper postures required to be compliant with their recommendations for safe ergonomic requirements.  For example, most workers are intelligent enough to realize the need to use proper body mechanics, but many men have moderate restrictions in the muscle flexibility in their hips, which mechanically prevents them from properly adopting the correct lifting postures. 

Consider the following data from the National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH):

Risk management can be minimized via injury prevention education and pre-employment screening.  Workplace ergonomics are reviewed in relation to the principles involved in adaptive muscle shortening (AMS) and repetitive stress injury (RSI), with an emphasis on optimization of health and productivity. 

Formal lecture presentations are designed in accord with the individual needs and interests of a given work environment.  I have created a wellness exercise program that promotes normal muscle and joint flexibility and protects against the occurrence of work-related injuries.  Handouts are made available for employees as a reliable reference guide.  Through education in the nature of AMS and RSI, employees are encouraged to accept accountability for performance of a well-defined daily stretching program.


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