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The Exercise Video That Resolves Muscle and Joint Pain

and Helps to Prevent Osteoarthritis

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The Pain-Free At Last! DVD Exercise Video & Book are sold as a single unit.


(DVD Exercise Video)

Provides instruction in:  1) stretching of the extremities, back and neck; and 2) postural strengthening exercises of the abdominals, upper back, hip abductors, wrist and neck musculature. Format:   NTSC/Dolby/Color, B&W/60 minutes.


Provides a complete photographic and narrative reference to all exercises depicted in the video. Additionally provides a discussion of many misconceptions surrounding exercise; defines and discusses adaptive muscle shortening, muscle balance, special benefits for bodybuilders and a frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) which discusses all topics cited within this web site FAQs. Hardcover (3-ring binder with pockets).  90 pages. Provides a durable and convenient reference for years to come.


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