Calf Stretching 

Gastrocnemius Stretch

Stand facing a wall. Hold the wall with both hands. Place the leg to be stretched behind you. Point both feet straight ahead at the wall. Bend the forward knee and straighten the posterior knee. Keep both feet flat on the floor at all times. If you don't feel much of a stretch, try placing the rear leg further back. Repeat on other leg.

Soleus Stretch

Stand facing close to a wall. Keeping the upper body completely vertical and the hips extended, bend your ankles (dorsiflexion) so that the upper body is located anterior of your feet, obtaining a maximum stretch on the posterior lower ankle (Achilles tendon).

Regarding Technique:

Maintain stretch for 60 seconds on extremity. Approximately every 20 seconds, push down with the toes of the leg you are stretching, then try to lean farther forward into the stretch. This is known as the contract-relax technique of stretching, and this stimulates muscle stretch-reflex to relax, permitting you to obtain a better stretch with less discomfort.

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